Sarah Longlands: Beacon - la Phare
30 x 40cm - oil on canvas - huile sur toile



Links to other sites Sarah Longlands' website. Sarah's work is fluent and expressive; familiar objects are seen in a new light and the evanescent shows itself to be eternal. On looking at these paintings the reader feels the need to re-evaluate the way in which he or she looks at the world.

Eric Blomquist’s Sonnet Central This comprehensive site is a valuable resource on the sonnet form.

Physician-writers Dan Bryant’s roster of medical authors. It is astonishing that so many writers and poets studied medicine. Perhaps the wish to understand humanity draws the inquisitive.

Twentieth-Century Poetry in English Professor Eiichi Hishikawa's thoughtful site on poets writing in English in the last century. His site has many contemporary links.

Diana Ambache, founder of the Ambache Chamber Ensemble, has a page on Women of Note whose purpose is to to stimulate interest in the work of composers painted out of the canon because they were women.

Marianne Sawicki’s page on the life and work of Edmund Husserl which is both readable and erudite.

Bonnie Hanks’ compendium of author biographies on the Web

Tim Love’s literary resources

The home page of the Philip Larkin Society, with a biography, essays and notes on the work of this poet.

Lucius' poetry pages hold many interesting texts, particularly by poets who wrote between 1950 and the present day.

A photographic tour of the railways of North Somerset (The Somerset and Dorset Railway and The Cheddar Valley Line) is given in Philip Fowler's pages. These unique railways, which both served and formed an agricultural and industrial community, are now lost, and only recordings remain.

The home page of Jenny Woolf's informative website on Lewis Carroll. She has written a new biography of this unusual and arcane Victorian academic. Entitled The Mystery of Lewis Carroll and published by St Martin's Press, New York, it is a very fine read and is strongly recommended.

John Eade's comprehensive and readable pages on the geography and the history of England's iconic river: Where Thames Smooth Waters Glide.

The home page of Aiden O'Reilly's Stoneybatter files. Aiden is an accomplished author. His debut collection of stories, Greetings, Hero, is original and imaginative; it is highly recommended.


updated 1st February 2016