Short Stories by David Wheldon

Five Collections


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The Expulsion and other stories

The Expulsion
The Vigil
The Mistress's Tale
The Serjeant's Daughter

The Line of Works
The Woman Without a Name
The Pacemaker
The Sociopath
La Flaneuse
The Mirage
Shove Ha'penny
Love Lane


The Automaton and other stories

The Automaton
The Prayer Factory

Barrow Hospital
Miss Bright
The Gatekeeper
Madame Geneste
The Noblewoman's Commission
Blind Date
Memoirs of a Delivery Boy
Meeting for Worship
The Whisky-Priest's Woman
Study In Orthochrome


The Seat of Consciousness and other stories

The Seat of Consciousness
The Impresario
The Travelling Hypnotist
Six Meetings
El Camino del Desengaño (The Way of Disillusionment)
The Indexers
Dr Eisgeist
Stepmother's Tales
The Substitute
Hannah in the Wood
Medusa's Metaphors
The Iron Fort


The Post Mortem and other stories

The Post Mortem
The Empire Hotel
The Freeloaders
Anne Bector Goes to Kettering
The Platonic Spy
The Dealer in Porcelain
Sunk, Countersunk
Lady Day
In for the Duration
Behind the Veil
Green Park
On The Blasted Heath
The Dinner Moll


Borrowing Baby and other stories

Borrowing Baby
Lyn, Grammarian (a novella)
A Piece of Theatre
Six Lost Plots
The Assassin
The Substitute
On the Turbary Road
The Blue Lady
The Premonition
Apes and Typewriters
Amber Klein
Imparting Bad News
Two Incidents
The Seance
Social Mobility
The Lamp Man


My present work in progress is a short story and essay collection tentatively entitled The Plagiarist and other stories

Publisher required! My previous publishers are no longer extant.

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